Under the Sea Ice cream

by Songshu posted Jul 26, 2018


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It’s been significantly hot these past few days in Seoul. This Saturday reaching up to 36 degrees(96.8 Fahrenheit) and it’s just getting worse, it's almost unbearable. Well, enough talk about heat. There is nothing better to dip your feet in the pool to cool off BUT why not find the perfect excuse than to indulge yourself with dessert when the weather is going crazy! 


I scream, you scream, everybody scream ICE CREAM! To start this dessert blog. I picked out the most fanciest ice cream I could find, which is located in Seocho-gu, Seoul called Bistopping. 



This fancy ice cream shop is located at nonhyeon station (논현역) and very easy to locate once you leave exit 6. According to Naver maps, the store is also known as biseu topping.


For any poor unfortunate souls who is scrambling around Seoul like me using public transportation. Here is a screenshot of the Bistopping location from Naver Maps. I normally make sure I have a pin on the exact location before heading out the heat wave. Don't fret about the name being called 'Biseu Topping', it's the same shop. Walk out exit 6 from Nonhyeon Station, Line 7. The shop is fairly easy to find.






There are tons of varieties and options to choose! From the cones, flavors and the super cute decorations! 


Immediately after entering the store, cones are on display by the door and to make things easier they are numbered.  Just pick one! I found it super difficult actually. The only hard part here is to choose your favorite since there are so many options. Can I just have one of each? 




What’s next? The ice cream flavor itself of course! There is currently only milk/vanilla, chocolate and yoghurt. Bistopping had a 5% percent discount on their chocolate flavor on the day I visited. So, it is always a good idea to check out if they are having an event before purchasing.


Personally, I think vanilla or yoghurt is best for show all the cookie toppings (for the foodies who like to take photos for their Instagram). 


The cookie options to decorate was a bit overwhelming for me so I just picked from the photo book of options at their counter. Here is an idea of what decorations they had.



My delicious sugar coated concoction is mermaid themed. This seems to be their showstopper. Due to the hot weather, I could only take a few snaps and hurriedly devour this The shop owner suggested I quickly take a few pictures and remove the cookies before eating. 




Isn’t this cookie just really detailed? Do make sure to pop into this store for a visit and there is always an excuse for ice cream regardless of weather :) 


Prices vary according to how much toppings you choose so it can range the simple flamingo ice cream for 8,000won to mermaid for 11,000won. It seems a bit steep for ice cream right? But it’s worth visiting since it’s just too pretty not to try! Yasss~