Fun and Games at Incheon Arcade

by Songshu posted Aug 03, 2018


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Arcade Fun Date in Incheon msn019.gifmsn019.gif


If you happen to stop by and have time to explore Incheon city, take a walk down Cheongna Kernel Way (커넬웨이). There is a fun arcade amidst the row of restaurants and stream. 



Lots of machines and games to play. There is even a fortune telling machine. Just place your hand on it and it will print out your results! 





There are many options there, whether you want to try your luck at grabbing dolls with the machine claw or being more active and throwing balls into the hoops. Everything is available. 

Perhaps instead of practicing basketball outside in the summer heat. It might be a good idea to stop by here to have fun and not sweat out in the humidity


This machine is a stress reliever and it’s pretty much whacking a mole or in this case a squirrel to your hearts content. Camel gave it a go and scored in second place :) 



It’s not very clear in the photo but 860 points! Not too bad for the first try. 



Another machine worth mentioning is the selfie taking photo machine. It only cost 4,000 won for 2 strips. Perfect for couples who want to have to keep memory of their date at the arcade or perfect for friends to share as well. There is even a mirror on the machine to let you make sure your curls or hair is in place. Isn’t that convenient? 



Here is an example of how your photo would end up looking like once it is finished. 

Remember to leave a comment to let us know if you happen to come here and beat our score or let us know your experience!