1. Fun and Games at Incheon Arcade

    Arcade Fun Date in Incheon If you happen to stop by and have time to explore Incheon city, take a walk down Cheongna Kernel Way (커넬웨이). There is a fun arcade amidst the row of restaurants and stream. Lots of machines and games to play. T...
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  2. Animal fun cakes

    The Menagerie Rabbit cupcake is super cute. This is also located at the Shinsegae shopping mall at the food court, Exit 8-1 called Menagerie.   They have different animal faces available.     They also come in larger sizes too!    While walk...
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  3. Red Bean and Butter Bread

    LEE HEUNG YONG bakery 이흥용 빵집 South Korea, known to be the land of kimchi and rice there has always been a steady growth in bread consumers these days. As the younger generations continue to explore and have a taste towards different typ...
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  4. Beat the heat with Samgyetang

    3 Generation Gingseng Chicken Jangin Koreans prefer a steaming hot bowl of chicken and ginseng soup known as samgyetang to cool off. But why? The heat and suffocating humidity is upon us all and when in Korea, do as Koreans do. "Fight fire w...
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  5. Authentic Indian Cuisine

    Utsav Tucked away behind the alley lies an authentic Indian restarant called Utsav. This gem is located at Sangsu Station (상수역 사거리), Exit 1.    Authentic restaurants that give a taste of home is hard to find but Utsav pulls of its rich...
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  6. Starbucks Avocado Smoothie

    Avocado's for Days   Starbucks are well known for their consistency, in terms of coffee they use the same coffee beans so it tastes the same wherever you go. For those who are specific about their cuppa in the morning, it's hard to beat the ...
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  7. Under the Sea Ice cream

    Bistopping It’s been significantly hot these past few days in Seoul. This Saturday reaching up to 36 degrees(96.8 Fahrenheit) and it’s just getting worse, it's almost unbearable. Well, enough talk about heat. There is nothing...
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  8. Rose Gelato

    Rose Gelato in Myeongdong Roses are beautiful to look at but what's even better is when you get to eat it. Milky Bee located in Myeondong, Seoul hits the spot for foodies out there who like to eat pretty things. I just love the concept o...
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